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"A helpful service all round. I appreciate the biking event-linked discount."
Rick H
participant in Iconic Cycling Events (ICE)
"Dealing with was a good experience and a marked contrast with other insurers. I felt that the person who arranged my insurance knew his business and was not just a low grade phone jockey. I am very happy with and shall probably swap to you when my wife’s car insurance needs renewing too. It makes sense that club cyclists are better risks because we are road aware and also probably use our bikes for local journeys rather than cars. Well done to whoever realised this."
Tim E
member of Moulton Bicycle Club & CTC
"I was not at all happy to be quoted over £300 by my existing insurer, an increase yet again over the previous year. I am now happily insured with for just less than £200. I had clear, prompt email and postal service from them and was pleased to discover that the insurance certificate is already valid for European travel, so no extra documentation or premium will be required. I recommend this car insurance to fellow CTC members."
Mike B
Winchester CTC
"I had not had a car for a few years, and inherited an unusual one from my ageing father. I spoke with a couple of brokers before stumbling over on the Cycling UK forum. Thought they had to be worth a call, and the rest as they say... I had no earned NCB as I didn't have a current policy, but was able to get a generous discount because of my record on my wife's policy. Extremely pleasant folk to deal with too! I'm happy to give a testimonial, and will mention on the forum where appropriate."
Barry M
Cycling UK member - Wiltshire

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