Our B.I.K.E. Philosophy

There are so many car insurance providers out there but only Ci4C specifically offers car insurance for cycling drivers. Let us explain a bit about what makes us unique in the market using our B.I.K.E. philosophy:


Road cyclists save a proven 20% against their car insurance renewal, on average, by switching to carinsurance4cyclists.com. You can earn additional loyalty discounts for insuring extra cars or recommending your friends and family too.


The scheme is the first in the UK to recognise and reward cyclists for better car driving because you see the road from a different perspective and have fewer claims.


If you receive your best quote from us you’ll want to switch. Profits go to help the poor, vulnerable and orphaned children of Malawi through the provision of education, healthcare and vocational training – see charity Starfish Malawi.

You’ve nothing to lose by requesting a quote but you’ll ensure that this charity’s beneficiaries gain much.


As a specialist broker we have looked after the car insurance needs of 180+ affinity groups for 37+ years. We’ve been operating in the road cycling arena since 2015 and through closely monitoring claims frequency have collected solid evidence that cyclists make better car drivers than non-cyclists.

Car insurance for cycling drivers

Does your current car insurance provider offer all that? We suspect not as Ci4C is the only UK provider to specifically offer car insurance for cycling drivers.

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